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Enterprise Culture

Enterprise Culture

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Working Philosophy: United, Pragmatic, Solid
Product Strategy Philosophy: Lean Production, Fast Research and Development, Accurate Pre-research, Wide Exploration
Crisis Consciousness: Do Business with the Sense of Crisis, Occupy One Part of the Market
Humanism Idea: Care, Loving Heart, Zeal, Comfort
Choosing Philosophy: Scientific, Democratic, Careful Thinking, Resolution
Technical Progress Philosophy: Introduction, Absorption, Innovation, Leap
Labor Concept: Job Bidding, Reasonable Flow
Income Distribution Philosophy: Diversified Distribution, Performance-based Distribution
Learning Philosophy: Infinite Learning, Infinite Creation
Group Leader Philosophy: Lead Each Person Well, Do Each Thing Well
Incorrupt Government Philosophy: Aboveboard Action, Unblemished Behavior, Do Not Be Bewildered by the Scene of Debauchery, Do Not Get Filthy Lucre
Environmental Protection Philosophy: Protecting Environment Is Equal to Loving Life
Safe Production Philosophy: People First, Safety First
Quality Philosophy: Pursue Excellence, Forge Quality Products
Marketing Philosophy: Sell Products, Win Popular Feeling
Service Philosophy: Response Service, Super-value Service, Efficient Service, Faster, Considerate, Enthusiasm

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Haoyuan people adhering to the business philosophy of "honesty, credibility", adhere to the "technology as the guide, quality for life, service for the day" business policy, as always, to provide our customers with quality products and services. . .















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