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Today, the PVC pellet manufacturer Linyi Haoyuan Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. will share with you the relevant knowledge of PVC pellets, so that customers can have a deeper understanding of PVC pellets!

Analysis of various types of PVC plastic particles

As the most popular chemical material on the market,many manufacturers have conducted production research on PVC plastic particles.After years of production research,

How to do a good job of storing PVC plastic particles

Among many recycled plastics, PVC plastic particles are the most popular one. Precisely because of its low price, strong efficacy,

What should I pay attention to when using rigid PVC pellets for injection molding?

PVC,also known as hard PVC,is composed of an amorphous thermoplastic resin made by the polymerization of vinyl chloride monomer and certain additives(such as stabilizers,lubricants,fillers,etc.).

The use of pvc particles

The du extruder can be used to squeeze into zhi hoses,cables,wires,etc.;the dao injection molding machine can be used with various molds to make plastic sandals,shoe soles,slippers,toys,auto parts,etc.

Introduction of HYW-1 type chlorinated paraffin high-efficiency heat stabilizer

Chlorinated paraffin is poor in thermal stability, and it is decomposed by heating to emit chlorinated oxygen gas,

Environmental protection classification of pvc wire and cable materials?

PVC wire and cable material is based on polyvinyl chloride resin,added stabilizer,dioctyl phthalate,diisodecyl phthalate,dioctyl terephthalate,

What are the factors related to the conductivity of pvc particles?

What are the factors related to the conductivity of pvc particles? First of all, the electrical properties of PVC particles depend on the amount of residue in the polymer, the type and amount of various additives in the formulation.

Can pvc wire and cable material be used again after being damp?

PVC wire and cable materials can be seen everywhere in our lives, but if improper storage is to make the product damp,

PVC particles, PVC particles manufacturers-Linyi Haoyuan Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. Wish you a happy new year and a blessed year of the rat!

As the saying goes, after a small year is a new year! In a blink of an eye, 2020 has passed, and a brand new 2021 has arrived!
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