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  Welcome to our website! We hope that you can know more about our company through the website.
  Under the enterprise philosophy of “Survive by Integrity, Do Business by Credit” and in strict accordance with the standard of ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System, the company strictly controls each production process, so that products of the company are in short supply and are popular all around China.
  The company is mainly engaged in extension processing of PVC products and mainly processes and produces PVC profiled bars, PVC doors and windows, PVC aggregates, sealing rubber strips, etc. Main products of the company include “Baishide” and “Lumeng” 60, 80, 85 and 88 PVC section bars and “Xianglong” PVC special aggregates. Tested by national authoritative departments, the technical indexes of PVC profiled bars of the company have all reached GB/T8814-1998 and some indexes are higher than those regulated by the requirements of national standard. The overall window series have the characteristics of attractive appearance, reasonable structure and convenient processing, are capable of being installed with high-grade hardware, and have superior heat-preserving and sealing performance. Welcome to visit us.
  Facing the trend of economic globalization, the customer-oriented time has come. In future competition, we will act in accordance with international competition laws and commercial standards. Therefore, we cannot rest on the past achievement. However, we should stick to the enterprise mission of “Harmonious, Modest, Pragmatic, Innovative” and the enterprise philosophy of “Credit World Brand, Serve the Country Worthily by Industry”, change all business philosophies and behavior habits which are not in accordance with market development trend, further arouse the passion of the team and the vitality of the organization, fully display our innovation ability, constantly surpass ourselves and create a vigorous source of motive force so as to rapidly improve our whole competitiveness.
  On the basis of “Cooperative Development, Common Improvement”, we believe that all staff will be united and boldly struggle with full working enthusiasm, innovative work thinking and pragmatic work method. We will definitely achieve the established goal on the world economic platform and realize common development with all cooperative partners.

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Haoyuan people adhering to the business philosophy of "honesty, credibility", adhere to the "technology as the guide, quality for life, service for the day" business policy, as always, to provide our customers with quality products and services. . .















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